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To all my Citrix pals out there, I’d like to share some free certification study materials I authored myself.  If you’re studying for your Citrix CCA-V (Test 1y0-201) you may want to try these flash cards I’ve posted on  All these questions are authored solely by me & derived directly from the official Citrix Exam Prep Guide & from my own experience in the real world.

If anybody cares, I also will volunteer that I put these flash cards together BEFORE I took (& passed) the test.  And I have not changed them since. Here’s the direct link to the card decks (8 in all, with almost 200 questions, some cards have more than one question).

You’ll have to create a free account to use them.  You could use the cards via a browser, but I find it much easier to use the app.  That way you can study whenever you have a free moment.

To find the decks you can either use the direct link above (once your logged on), or search for “1y0-201 Cca-V“, or ”

Citrix CCA-V 1Y0-201“.  (A screenshot of the deck names is below)   Enjoy.  And happy studying.  And here’s the links to the app:



Screenshot at May 26 15-09-06




Citrix Synergy 2016

Well, another Citrix Synergy convention is upon us.  After last year’s farewell appearance by Mark Templeton, I wonder what this year will hold.  Now that we’ve got a new CEO, who has already stirred the pot pretty well & with the usual litany of announcements, that pace will only pick up.  Stay tuned, as I start live-blogging, on my twitter feed below mostly, @jsbythro, then after the show, I’ll post some longer brain dumps, diatribes, what have you here at

Thanks for showing up to my inaugural post & KEEP CALM & VIRTUALIZE ON!